Legal & Policy Challenges

Regulate or Outlaw Derivates

Derivatives are not assets. Derivatives are pieces of paper on which is placed some ink that is adjusted into particular patterns. The adjusted ink is arranged so as to refer to some other thing, the supposed underlying asset, or worse, another derivative. All a derivative can do is refer to that other thing. It is not that other thing and cannot be traded for that other thing. Therefore, derivaties are not fungible, ...more »

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Strategic Planning and Budgeting

Free Obama (No Kidding)

I spent the morning reading every single posted idea, many of the comments, and then posted my own five ideas and thought to leave it at that. However, during the mowing of the lawn it came to me. Idea first, then the short explanation Free Obama. Simple, straight-forward, and the ONE THING that we can all focus on to achieve ALL of the ideas posted so far. Right now, President Barack Obama is president in name ...more »

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