Between Federal, State, and Local Governments

Rejuvenate the Public Transportation

The US is behind in the public transportation system, trains are too expensive to travel across country and we have always been an automobile country. To rejuvenate the system, we would need to: -Invest in quiet and efficient trains for cities and towns (no one will vote in loud trains by residents) -High speed trains across country. -Buses to deliver patrons out of circuit. -One system plan for all. The costs ...more »

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New Tools and Technologies

Revise Speed Limit Laws on Interstate Highways

Let's be frank. Most of us speed, at least a little. Many studies have shown that current speed limits on highways are set at rather low speeds and are often chosen in an unscientific and rather arbitrary manner. The Interstate Highway System was originally designed to allow for a normal traffic flow of 75 mph. You might think a "Speed Limit 75" sign in your town (unless you live out West and already have them) would ...more »

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Federal Subsidy of Public Transportation. Free Bus Passes for ALL.

Reducing the ticket price of a city bus, light rail and subway to zero would increase ridership and reduce the number of cars on the road. Fewer cars would mean fewer traffic jams for those that still choose to drive. A dramatic increase in the quality of life for commuters. Fewer cars would reduce oil imports... reduce pollution... increase miles per gallon (traffic jams cause terrible mpg). With ridership increasing, ...more »

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