Do-It-Yourself Government

Ten Percent to Federal Government, State, Church. No income Tax--Only Sales Tax

That adds up to 30%. That's a pretty hefty bite. If God is happy with 10%, who is the Federal Government to demand more? So: Repeal 16th Amendment: Taxing income is bad business, permits deductive manipulation for those who can afford it, demands excessive record keeping, created the demon institution known as I.R.S., and provides avenues for cheaters. Move to Sales Tax. New Amendment: Federal Government may apply ...more »

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Go ahead and screw up the country

I say we let Obama go ahead and screw up the country. The American people are already getting sick and tired of his antics, which is why he caved in with those phony spending cuts that he made a big show out of. By the time the next election rolls around, Obama will lose in one of the biggest landslides our country has ever seen. I would even go as far as to predict an electoral shut out. After he loses, Obama won't ...more »

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Legal & Policy Challenges

Increase capital gains tax, lower income tax on highest brackets. "WASHINGTON, D.C.--The 400 highest-earning taxpayers in the U.S. reported a record $105 billion in total adjusted gross income in 2006, but they paid just $18 billion in tax, new Internal Revenue Service figures show. That works out to an average federal income tax bite of 17%--the lowest rate paid by the richest 400 during ...more »

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Making Government Operations More Open

Shift employer portion of FIFA taxes to employees with an equal offset in wages

Employees and employers now each pay 6.2% of wages (up to the Social Security Wage Base) for Social Security and 1.45% of wages for Medicare. The proposal is that employees pay the entire amount of FICA taxes with a corresponding increase in wages so that take home pay is not changed. Although currently the employee pays only half of the total, his labor must provide value to the employer to cover the employer's half ...more »

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