New Strategies and Techniques

Global perspective

Require a global perspective and awareness to solutions by comparing them to similar projects implemented around the world. Require a brief summary comparing the current project to the best international example with justification for any differences. Many highly effective solutions have already been found and tested which do not need to be slowly recreated again from trail and error while living in ignorance. Examples ...more »

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Public-Private Partnerships

National Idea Bank (proposed by Florida not me)

This is what we really need - an idea bank that the government can draw inspiration from. A bill to create one was passed in the Florida House but didn't make it through the Senate. Since we're talking about a National Idea Bank it seems like the U.S. government should really be the entity that supports the idea.

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Who cares where obama is from... Hes doing good things.

Ya'll should have bitched about a birth certificate before you elected him president. Stop acting like a bunch of tinfoil wearing tards and stand up, help Obama turn this country back to what its supposed to be.

Did you think as soon as he was elected that everything was gonna be different? Give it time! Look at this site! Its amazing, The only people that are bitching about the moderators are the tin foil'ies.

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