Hiring & Recruitment

2. Integrate Participation and Collaboration into All Major Systems of Federal Agencies

Creating a more open government will require most federal agencies to fundamentally shift how they interact with the public. Within 180 days, agencies should produce a plan to integrate public involvement and collaboration into all relevant systems, including: • Hiring, recruiting and promotion • Performance agreements and appraisal • Award and incentive systems • Rotations and special assignments • Program assessment ...more »

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Strategic Planning and Budgeting

Chain Saws and Scalpels

An all too common practice both in the Federal government and the commercial sector when faced with shrinking budgets is to simply make across the board cuts. In other words, we take out our chain saw and just reduce funding for all programs by the same percent. If we were to ask ourselves if all programs as equally important to the organization, I propose that 9 out of 10 of us would answer "No". So why do we continue ...more »

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Between Federal, State, and Local Governments

Consult Integrally with State Environmental Agencies

States, as co-regulators, are and ought to be partners with appropriate federal agencies and with each other in a federal environmental protection system. Meaningful and substantial involvement of States by federal agencies is critical to both the development and implementation of environmental and public health programs. The Environmental Council of the States (ECOS) - the national non-profit, non-partisan association ...more »

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Public-Private Partnerships

Strategy Markup Language & 501(c)(3) Nonprofits

Use AIIM's emerging Srategy Markup Language (StratML) to enable potential peformance partners to more easily discover and identify each other based upon common missions, visions, values, goals, objectives, and stakeholders. It would be especially appropriate to enable nonprofit, public service organizations performing quasi-governmental functions to post their strategic plans on their own Web sites in StratML format ...more »

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