Making Data More Accessible

Require all information delivered to the government to be delivered in open and standard formats

The government collects and pays for the collection and development of an enormous amount of information. This information is frequently not delivered to the government in a way that maximizes its value. For example, data may be collected on the processes of an agency, the design of a ship or the number of fish living in a river. If this information is delivered in paper documents or “PDF” files it is very difficult ...more »

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Performance Appraisal

Give Citizens a Simple Checklist for Rating "Public Engagement"

When I attend a meeting that is supposed to involve some type of "public engagement", it would be nice to have a simple checklist that I could use to rate whether that meeting really was Transparent, Participatory, and Collaborative. This simple checklist could be the standard tool for citizens to provide feedback to government agencies about the quality of their public engagement activities. In fact, the requirement ...more »

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Records Management

Require agencies to document key activities

Increasingly, government officials evade accountability by refusing to document their activities in written form, whether through memos, emails, fax logs, or whatever. Supervisors even forbid subordinates from sending them written materials. There should be a government-wide standard instructing agencies on what to document and preserve for the National Archives. There also should be a government-wide minimum time for ...more »

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