Between Federal Agencies

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Create a central source code repository for ALL government software development projects to be hosted and collaborated on. Agencies could collaborate on the development of software systems. Developers from outside of the government and contractor circles that simply want to "help their country" could also get in on the action. This could potentially facilitate an "IT-AmeriCorp" of sorts. There are plenty of automated ...more »

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Limit IT Choices

Isn't it great we have so many programming languages to choose from? Java, .NET, Perl, PHP, Cold Fusion, Ruby, Flash, Javascript, Silverlight and on and on. I say No. Humans have been building houses since mankind has existed and the chances of you getting a home delivered on time are very slim - there is too much unecessary choice and change. Blueprints are not re-used. Building software suffers from many of the ...more »

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