Communications Strategies

Easy web search functions

Consistent with national security, all agency actions, regulations, proposals, requests for comment, requests for information, requests for proposals, invitations for bids, newly signed contracts (and grants, cooperative agreements, loans, guarantees, etc), draft policies, draft procedures, minutes, agendae, rules and every other actual or proposed agency action should be easily searchable on Google, Yahoo, and other ...more »

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New Strategies and Techniques

Follow model of halfbakery is a site where people can submit inventions and ideas (no matter how wacky), others can comment on it, and annotate it with link references and images. In addition, thumbs-up (bun) and thumbs-down (fishbones) functionality allows users to rate each other's ideas, and it works very well. You can click on a user's name to see all of their other ideas, and you can browse similar ideas within the category. ...more »

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Better "searching ..." (Meta)

I'd like to be able to create a search string that will return the various category results minus the annoying and repetitive stuff. For example, all posts that contain "birth" or "birth certificate" would be ignored (the results could say 'we have ignored the following:' at the bottom of the list, in case there's an inadvertent exclusion.) I'm sorry that there are so many folks who don't understand the purpose of a ...more »

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