Healthcare Improvement (let the patients sleep)

Most hospitals could use a good comfortability expert (or if you prefer, a usability expert). Let's see, it was about 9 o'clock at night when the nurse came into a semi-private hospital room where I was sitting with a patient I knew. The other patient, an elderly woman who was hard of hearing, was woken up so she could sign a consent form that would make it quicker for her doctor to review her records. That, by itself, ...more »

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Communications Strategies

Save MILLIONS of $$$ Using YourNurseIsOn.com to communicate with all Federal Healthcare employees- VA, BOP, NIH, Etc.- Stop wast

YourNurseIsOn.com can help the USA government save MILLIONS of dollars and THOUSANDS of hours WASTED on unproductive phone calls to healthcare providers. Our new technology allows you to instantly contact and confirm your healthcare providers by text, email and phone communications! EASY, FAST and Saves Time and Money. Would be Ideal for the Veteran's Administration, Bureau of Prisons, National Institutes of Health and ...more »

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