Making Government Operations More Open

Measures to track, report, and improve government transparency and openness

One of the best ways to create accountability is through measurements that track how well an organization is performing against established targets. These measures would provide a means of tracking, reporting, and improving the transparency and openness this initiative is intended to implement. This system of accountability should include:  Success or results measures – How do we measure success? What are the results ...more »

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Making Data More Accessible

adopt Dutch Taxonomy approach to rebuild confidence, streamline reporting

Government and industry must stretch limited resources to simultaneously rebuild public confidence in the wake of a sense of betrayal because the regulatory system failed to detect and deal with problems such as sub-prime mortgages and rebuild the economy at the same time. Fortunately, there is already a successful model, the Dutch Taxonomy Project, that can not only deal with the crises of confidence and economy but ...more »

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Between Federal, State, and Local Governments

Extend successful government data exchange models to improve federal-state-local data sharing

A key factor to enabling collaboration across federal, state and local governments -- and enabling reuse of associated regulatory and spending data to improve government operations -- is to get accurate and timely reports from the field in a format that is highly reusable on the web. This is a massive challenge, with tens of thousands of state and local government entities alone among the universe of potential organizations ...more »

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