Making Government Operations More Open

Broadcast all state executions -- Capital Punishment on TV

We pay for it. We pay to execute people, and it is done in our name. Should the State shield taxpayers from it? This is not a question about whether capital punishment right or wrong. Rather, if we have it, should we be kept from seeing it? We're talking about bringing the actions of the State into the light... this is certainly something that is kept from us. Obviously, serious provisions would be made for guarding ...more »

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Do-It-Yourself Government

Population and Global Warming

It is not too early or too late to begin a discussion on where do we want our United States of America to stand on the issue of Overpopulation. Some see the intrusion of the Government in reproduction rights, others say that sooner or later, once Global Warming brings up the Methane from the ocean, it will be too late! All the children lovingly brought into the world will begin to bake, not at the final 846 Deg. Fahrenheit, ...more »

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