Strategic Planning and Budgeting

Require all agencies to submit a plan for open government

Require all agencies to submit a plan for how they will incorporate open government activities into their missions. Within 180 days, agencies will produce a plan to integrate public involvement and collaboration into all relevant systems [human resources, planning and budget]. Agencies must demonstrate that internal and external stakeholders participate in the development of the plans. Each agency must designate an appropriate ...more »

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Legal & Policy Challenges

Mandatory Exit Strategy

My idea is to require any major or minor initiative or bill in congress to outline a minimum of two exit strategies. As any bill exits committee and enters open debate, it must articulate how its effects are intended to work and what mitigation strategies will be used to ensure it maintains its rightful purpose. Each bill will delineate a time frame for objective completion and address optimum as well as adverse scenarios. ...more »

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New Strategies and Techniques

Government Insurance

Instead of bailing out banks and auto industry why doesn't the government set up a government health insurance business and offer that to people in the US... Instead of insurance companies profiting from us, why not set up a self insurance program for Americans? This would be the only thing that I would nationalize if I was Obama!

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