New Strategies and Techniques

Develop and Implement a National Strategy for Sustainability

I would suggest that the best way to strengthen our democracy and promote efficiency and effectiveness, while making government more transparent, participatory, and collaborative, would be for the Obama Administration to lead the American People in Developing and Implementing a National Strategy for Sustainability. It is commonly recognized that those of us in the United States are not living sustainably today. With ...more »

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Performance Appraisal

Give Citizens a Simple Checklist for Rating "Public Engagement"

When I attend a meeting that is supposed to involve some type of "public engagement", it would be nice to have a simple checklist that I could use to rate whether that meeting really was Transparent, Participatory, and Collaborative. This simple checklist could be the standard tool for citizens to provide feedback to government agencies about the quality of their public engagement activities. In fact, the requirement ...more »

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New Tools and Technologies

Internal Work, Psychology, and Wholeness

Utilize ways to shift our own attention to our deeper motivations. There are variety of ways to do this, from body-focused (sitting, centering, breathing) to mind-focused (nlp, visioning, questioning, dialogue) technologies. Give self-knowing greater priority without the frequent-tie in to performance appraisals or career choice distraction. The specific tool is not as important at this level of the discussion as is ...more »

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