New Strategies and Techniques

Dynamic Self-Governance (DSG)

Dynamic Self-Governance (DSG) is a way to organize informal groups, businesses of any size, and governmental agencies. DSG uses systems theory and cybernetics to create enterprises that function EXTREMELY well, AND treat people as human beings. The key to DSG is that the Dutch engineer who developed it 4 decades ago came up with a way to keep all participants equal in power: Consent decision-making for policy decisions. ...more »

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Training and Development

Creating an Infrastructure/Matrix to Organize Training, Skills, Resources in 4 Stages to Transition to Open Government Effective

How do we get from Here to There? Transition: from Crisis to Resilience. I am suggesting that: 1- as a group of practitioners with so many techniques, methods, tools, the strongest, smartest position we could present to the Open Government initiative would be to create and infrastructure, a matrix which organizes the the various technologies as to when they are effective/appropriate, for whom. The question we can address ...more »

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