Hiring & Recruitment

2. Integrate Participation and Collaboration into All Major Systems of Federal Agencies

Creating a more open government will require most federal agencies to fundamentally shift how they interact with the public. Within 180 days, agencies should produce a plan to integrate public involvement and collaboration into all relevant systems, including: • Hiring, recruiting and promotion • Performance agreements and appraisal • Award and incentive systems • Rotations and special assignments • Program assessment ...more »

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New Strategies and Techniques

Break down the barriers to Open Government positively, collaboratively, and proactively

Open government requires transformation – it must happen. However, the nature of government is to resist transformation. Therefore, the irresistible force of transformation WILL meet the immovable object of bureaucracy and resistance. If this collision is not anticipated and proactively addressed, the benefits of Open Government will be delayed, taxpayer money will be wasted, and high-profile failures will be used ...more »

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