Public-Private Partnerships

Set Standards for Government Contracts, THEN Allow Open Bidding

I think it just as important to control quality as to contain costs, so I would recommend that the federal government require all private contractors to meet a set of health, safety, and environment care standards similar to its own internal standards--whether this be in the United States or overseas. After working as a contract wildland firefighter and as a Americorps forestry volunteer (separately), I have seen very ...more »

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Between Federal Agencies

Improve interagency emergency planning

Commonly, at federal emergency exercises, one finds that some agency representatives have mistaken perceptions of the emergency roles and procedures of other agencies. The national response plan is helpful in that regard, but provides inadequate detail. Potential disconnects should be addressed in the planning process, not during an emergency. There are two ways to address the problem: 1) Allow each federal agency ...more »

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