Recall the rest of the Stimulousy Package

Back when we were fear mongered into accepting the Stimulousy Package, we were told that it would create millions of shovel ready jobs, and keep unemployment below 9%. Well, here we are, several months later, and there are no shovel ready jobs, and unemployment is now at 9.4%. More and more people are steadily losing their jobs. More and more people are steadily exhausting their unemployment benefits. We were fear ...more »

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Do-It-Yourself Government

This site is a farce just like the Usurper in Charge

I'm not here to discuss the eligibility issue anymore. It's become quite clear, that this site was set up by the Usurper administration to make the people actually believe that they have a voice that is heard. That's a total farce and has been proved by the disappearance of eligibility post questions. I do not hate my fellow Americans that were duped by the Saudi bought American media into voting for this despicable ...more »

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