New Tools and Technologies

Replace lights in all government buildings with motion sensor activated lights

These could be set to turn the lights off if there is no activity in a room or corridor for 30 minutes. If an alarm sounded (maybe a low key bell) just before the lights turned off it would warn people that they should wave or something if they wanted to keep the lights on. A timer on the switch panel would be adjustable up to an hour.

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New Strategies and Techniques

Building Envelope Reflective Technologies

In warmer climates throughout the US, cooling or air conditioning costs are the largest part of a homes energy costs and similarly the largest part of a commercial or public building energy usage. Technologies exist to make the entire building envelope reflect a major portion of the suns energy and thereby reduce cooling loads in a structure and reduce "heat island" effect to surrounding areas. These technologies go ...more »

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Public-Private Partnerships

Reform the Uniform Building Code

The Uniform Building Code does help assure that housing that is built is relatively safe. At the same time it keeps existing technologies and the suppliers of those technologies in business. The Code should be reformed to encourage the use of innovative energy efficient technologies. There is no reason buildings should serve less than 500 years. Some goals: The shell should use a maximum of local, abundant, surplus or ...more »

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Between Federal Agencies

Embracing Collaboration by Creating Active Bodies and Creating Active Zones

The best way to change the culture of government to embrace collaboration is: Collaborative behavior is not a stand-alone feature in a culture climate. Collaboration is nested with just a few other activities, including energy-awareness, being healthier and fit. The best way to change the culture of government to embrace collaboration is by implementing a multi-faceted wellness and fitness initiative that already has ...more »

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