Records Management

No Agency Business to be Conducted on Non-Agency Email

Regulations should be promulgated to make it explicit that agency employees and officials – in compliance with the requirements of the Federal Records Act – may not conduct agency business through use of non-agency email or other messaging systems. As e-mail has become a dominant form of communication within government, the importance of maintaining an accurate record of those communications has grown as well. Recent ...more »

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Making Data More Accessible

Gov't Wiki

How about a government wiki database where all memos and archived documents are posted and searchable, with cross-referenced hyperlinks built in? No more filing paperwork for FOIA, all memos/docs (minus legitimate national security risks) must be included, while all inter-office emails are added at the end of a politician's term (ie, Bush would have had to add everything up to the end of 2004 before starting his second ...more »

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