Making Government Operations More Open

Funding New Ideas Pilots

There are hundreds of good ideas! In industry all good ideas are tested through the R&D process, i.e.: designed, prototyped, the bugs are ironed out, piloted, and so on. In a pilot test, a project is implemented on a small scale and tightly defined geographical location, and run for a time to study how it works, make changes during pilot, and eventually have a final implementation plan, or closed as unworkable. Legislation ...more »

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New Tools and Technologies

Citizens' elections security online tracking tool and restoration forum

Several websites and organizations compile information about the security (or lack there of) of Fed, state, & local elections laws & protocols -- chain of custody, ballot access, voter registration security. This info is spread out, and often so specific that it is only accessed by and decipherable to "elections buffs." The constituents most in need of secure elections, and most capable of forcing their representatives ...more »

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Between Federal Agencies

Embracing Collaboration by Creating Active Bodies and Creating Active Zones

The best way to change the culture of government to embrace collaboration is: Collaborative behavior is not a stand-alone feature in a culture climate. Collaboration is nested with just a few other activities, including energy-awareness, being healthier and fit. The best way to change the culture of government to embrace collaboration is by implementing a multi-faceted wellness and fitness initiative that already has ...more »

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Public-Private Partnerships

Starting a New Deal

Generally I see that a majority of Americans feel they are being lied to but this is actually a case of being stumped. If you have never been stumped they listen here, it is easy to get stumped and laughed at on the way to the bank. So here is the lesson. The Middle East Opec nations may not have over two hundred gasoline stations compared to the 5,000 or more in America and yet to think that they need more is absurb ...more »

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