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I am a new user and I have been watching this site for about 10 minutes...I have noticed about 20 "new ideas" and in the same time I have seen the same number disappear...why? Why are "ideas" being removed from the site and by whom and by who's direction? I suppose my comment will be deleted as well by those who make these decisions as to what is a "new idea" and what is not.

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Making Data More Accessible

Stop deleting birth certificate posts, you fascists!

Stop deleting our posts that demand proof of Obama's citizenship and Constitutional eligibility for the Office of President. Regardless, your pathetic website ironically dedicated to transparency in government can't stifle the grass-roots groundswell of civic antipathy for the Usurper in Chief. Soon the travesty of his fraud will be exposed and the power of Washington will shift to the States. We the People will not ...more »

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