Records Management

Standardized data format for all government spending

Every dollar allocated by the federal government, stating Jan 1, 2012, must be accounted for using an open standardized data format to be developed and finalized by November 1, 2010. All federal and state agencies must be given usable tools to implement the formats, and all states should be encouraged to use them in their own budgeting process. (This may be an extension of the formats currently being developed and used ...more »

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Making Data More Accessible

Document Formats

All published federal documents should be posted to repositories in their original formats AND pdf formats at resolution levels that are legible to everyone. To often documents are printed, then scanned, then posted and in the process critical information in tables and graphs becomes unreadable. Also, tabular data becomes almost impossible to access once placed in pdf format. The original spreadsheet format and text ...more »

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