Communications Strategies

Communicate the true costs of healthcare reform, cap and trade, and other proposals

The President is hiding the true costs of his programs. He mostly touts the phantom "savings" his proposals will supposedly reap as a benefit. Please communicate the true costs of increased energy taxes, taxes to pay for healthcare, and the like. Should also include the estimated jobs and lives lost as a result of the poor being unable to heat their homes and the rationing of healthcare, etc; addition ...more »

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Strategic Planning and Budgeting

Stop trying to pass excessive agendas such as health care and cap and trade during economic hardships

Every poll I have ever seen has health care as the very last (about 2% usually) in importance to the American people. I can honestly say I do not want to pay for an illegal alien to go to the emergency room 10 times a week (know for a fact from working in the healthcare field). Also, there are millions of people who do not believe in global warming and scientific data has backed them up on this. For this reason alone ...more »

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