Any constitutional limit on government power either extends to state and local governments, or none do. Picking and choosing which articles of the Bill of Rights will be respected must stop! Sonia Sotomayor does not believe that the 2nd amendment applies to state and local government, she is wrong about this, or does not care what the law means. The Constitution is the law of the nation, it is the protective shield ...more »

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National ballot initiatives

We should amend the constitution to allow for a national ballot initiative process. It would allow citizens to address issues that Congress fails to or does so inadequately, such as real campaign finance reform. This would not get rid of any current aspect of our government, it would just provide another check and balance to the people.


For a proposed amendment, please read: http://ni4d.us/amendment

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Legal & Policy Challenges

Stop Domestic War Profiteering; Ban Guns Now!

Anyone out there who thinks guns are needed under the pretense of forming a "militia," in case we ever want to revolt against the most powerful military in the world, is ignorant and naive at best. There is no militia any one can form to over throw the US military. If other first world countries can not over power our military, a few red-neck militia groups shouting 2nd amendment rights wont be able to do it either. Sorry. ...more »

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