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New Strategies and Techniques

Taxation With Representation

Federal, state and local income or sales taxes, if paid by individuals not corporations, should be directly allocated when they are paid. The burden of taxation should be redirected to corporations and lifted from individuals who pay an undue amount of taxes. Each tax form should include a last page illustrating how the previous year's taxes were spent by category and allowing the taxpayer to indicate the percentage of... more »


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Legal & Policy Challenges

Consumption Tax instead of income tax

Our current Income tax system:
1) taxes personal and business production and is an imposed burden and disincentive.
2) gives rise to the myriad shell company, loop-hole exploiting, tax-dodging financial complexities that litter our financial environment.
3) taxes only those who can least afford it and rewards those who can afford to "hide" their earnings, legally or otherwise.

A Consumption based tax:
1) lets individuals... more »


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New Tools and Technologies

Get the IRS and politicians out of citizens lives (again)

In 1776 we fought to stop undue taxation burdens. Now in 2009 the founding fathers would not believe the nightmare inflicted on citizens every year come April. Worse, no one, not even the IRS and politicians, really know who is paying what tax anymore, with over 100,000 books of tax regulations. This is making the American economy uncompetitive compared internationally with billions being spent annually on bureaucracy... more »


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Making Government Operations More Open

Common Sense Tax Law/Rate

I propose that all of our tax laws and tax codes be scraped and replaced with a simple flat tax system. In this system it would not matter how you earned your money or from what source, you would be taxed at the same flat percentage for every single dollar of income. No longer would we need loopholes, tax accountants, tax lawyers, or nearly as many IRS agents as we now have. You make a Dollar, you pay a flat percentage... more »


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