Legal & Policy Challenges

Congress Can't Give Themselves Raises; Must Pay Taxes

One of the most frustrating events in government is when the legislature tells the people to be prepared to sacrifice then have that same legislature give itself a raise. Who wouldn't give themselves a raise if given the choice. While I don't have what I consider to be the one way of determining legislators pay, I'm sure plenty of people would have some suggestions. Here is one possible idea: Legislators receive the... more »


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Public-Private Partnerships

Public/Private partnership

This term has been used to mean partnership funding, ownership and running of .... However, what is really important now is to change the meaning of that term. We now have to have business, government and employees working together. There has been too much emphasis on the 'business of business is business' and workers should receive less health and retirement benefits as well as loss of income and degraded working conditions... more »


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Required personal finance education in high schools

Smarter consumers are smarter citizens. Given the number of problems related to people not understanding their finances that have spread exponentially over the past year, its in the government's best interest to make sure people know the best way to make their money work for them. Had this sort of program been in place, we might have avoided some of the current crises we now face. First: Personal finance. From balancing... more »


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