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Between Federal, State, and Local Governments

Prisoners should work an eight hours a day

It would be productive, rewarding, and skill building to have prisoners working while in jail. Jobs devoted to bettering our society that have little profitability margins are ideal.

Some states already see some such as road clean-up; but extending it to recycling plants, recycle buried dumps, possessing plants, forest recovery.

Slave labor is not intended, the idea to instill good working habits, new skills and a... more »


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New Tools and Technologies

Tower of Babel for Gangs

Gangs in prison, and elsewhere, have all sorts if tattoos showing which gang they're affiliated with. We should add a new intake procedure at all prisons that says if you have a tattoo for any gang anywhere on your skin then you'll get free tattoos from several other gangs added to your skin. This could cause a tattoo arms race, with prisoners trying to convert the new symbols into some other sort of picture (probably... more »


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