New Tools and Technologies

Create an Online Citizen Participation Portal

The creation of an online portal for citizen participation would be an institutionalized government portal that would allow citizens to research, discuss, and oversee formation of public policy as well as locate and log community service. The closest thing to this so far would be a hybrid of the creations of the Sunlight Foundation, primarily It would provide a portal for citizens to review and comment... more »


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New Strategies and Techniques

Break down the barriers to Open Government positively, collaboratively, and proactively

Open government requires transformation – it must happen. However, the nature of government is to resist transformation. Therefore, the irresistible force of transformation WILL meet the immovable object of bureaucracy and resistance. If this collision is not anticipated and proactively addressed, the benefits of Open Government will be delayed, taxpayer money will be wasted, and high-profile failures will be used... more »


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Legal & Policy Challenges

Legalization of Prostitution

We are wasting billions of dollars fighting this non-problem when it could be better used as a tax base, when less money can be better spent to chase bona fide human traffickers and child pornographers. This is a non-crime. Let the people who choose to do it, do it. Regulate and license it, mandate condom use, and spend the money chasing actual criminals.


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Hiring & Recruitment

Financial Punishment for those who HIRE Illegal Aliens

I grew up with a Green Card. I have nothing against LEGAL immigrants. I do have something against people who think that the immigration rules do not apply to them. It makes the rest pay for their misbehavior. However, locking up and deporting illegal aliens has been, and continues to be, ineffective, because desperate migrants have little to lose, and even if we dissuade that individual, there are many many more where... more »


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