Making Government Operations More Open

Measures to track, report, and improve government transparency and openness

One of the best ways to create accountability is through measurements that track how well an organization is performing against established targets. These measures would provide a means of tracking, reporting, and improving the transparency and openness this initiative is intended to implement. This system of accountability should include:  Success or results measures – How do we measure success? What are the results... more »


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Performance Appraisal

Revise Information Collection Request requirements to encourage feedback on collaboration in the field.

The Paperwork Reduction Act requires approval by OMB of most government requests for information from people who are not in government. This can be a lengthy and cumbersome review process and tends to discourage agencies from seeking outside feedback from stakeholders and the public on the performance of public outreach and engagement efforts(be they meetings, hearings,dispute resolution efforts, consensus building,... more »


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