Training and Development

Nurture Leadership Capacity (competency and character)

Please invest in the success of leaders in the public sector by providing technical assistance for their leadership development. Just like athletes, they need a practice field with coaching to make the organizational system changes required to make public participation a true reality. Many leaders hold the intention to be open, transparent and collaborative, but they do not possess the knowledge, skills and attitudes... more »


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New Strategies and Techniques

A Model for Partnerning Citizens, Experts and Policy Makers

Policy makers who seek public input should understand the nature and limits of the information they seek. Do they want to know about community values? Or do they want to know some technical data about their options? Are they trying to give rational structure to their policy problem? Or, are they trying to evaluate alternative policies under consideration? Involving the general public in complex public policy issues works... more »


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Public-Private Partnerships

World of Warcraft Psychiatrists

An avatar for spotting dangerous personalities. This idea is for a set of computerized avatars to be sent into some of the more violent online games in search of gamers who fit the profile of someone who might lose track of the distinction between the game world and the real world and go out on a shooting spree like some young people have done recently. When one of these personalities was found they'd be flagged in... more »


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