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Do-It-Yourself Government

Obama Ramps up Tyranny on Smokers--Gives FDA Parental Authority

Kindly do not tread on me. Actually, delete that Kindly, how about--Do not tread on me because it is the heart of our nation.

I repeat, because it is required.

U.S. Citizens are not children. They are adults.

Congress, the Administration, and the Judicial branch are not parents.

They are employees of the U.S. Citizens.

No sin taxes
No prohibition

Yes to the 9th Amendment which our Government ignores.

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Do-It-Yourself Government

If God is content with 10%, why should the Federal Government need more?


Repeal the 16th.
Add amendment:

Federal Government shall be content with a 10% sales tax, and shall apply no other taxes.

Federal Government shall confine itself to its means and stay within its budget.

Federal Government shall be free to petition God for extra money if they make budgeting mistakes.

All, and I mean ALL excise taxes are prohibited.

Obama, give back the SCHIP taxes. That was wrong, and bad.... more »


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Do-It-Yourself Government

New Whitehouse Request for Input

Memo dated today, from Robynn Sturm, invites the public:

Interested Citizens -----***IN THAT ORDER***----- weigh in again. Doesn't say where, limits it to 3 ideas, apparently on how our government can explain to us how it controls our lives, for what purposes, how much it costs, etc., so on and so forth--the whole transparency sham.


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Do-It-Yourself Government

Ten Percent to Federal Government, State, Church. No income Tax--Only Sales Tax

That adds up to 30%. That's a pretty hefty bite.

If God is happy with 10%, who is the Federal Government to demand more?


Repeal 16th Amendment: Taxing income is bad business, permits deductive manipulation for those who can afford it, demands excessive record keeping, created the demon institution known as I.R.S., and provides avenues for cheaters.

Move to Sales Tax.

New Amendment:

Federal Government may apply... more »


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Do-It-Yourself Government

Where is Participatory? Where is Collaboration?

Who decided that this website was a proper exercise of Obama's memo? It isn't.

Like it or not, demanding accountability from government is a proper use of a public forum. The fault lies with NAPA, not those who demand the birth certificate. (I am not one of those)

The most minimal effort in design of this website could have saved it. There was no genuine support for the idea behind Obama's memo.

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