Public-Private Partnerships

End Corporate Laziness with an International Trade Treaty

We need to form an alliance/treaty with several other developed nations (UK, France, Germany, Japan, Australia, etc.) and produce a list of foreign countries determined to have "acceptable" labour laws (minimum wage, safe working conditions, etc.). If a country doesn't meet the necessary requirements, all the countries under the treaty should put a heavy tax on imports from that country, making their products cost more... more »


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Hiring & Recruitment

Financial Punishment for those who HIRE Illegal Aliens

I grew up with a Green Card. I have nothing against LEGAL immigrants. I do have something against people who think that the immigration rules do not apply to them. It makes the rest pay for their misbehavior. However, locking up and deporting illegal aliens has been, and continues to be, ineffective, because desperate migrants have little to lose, and even if we dissuade that individual, there are many many more where... more »


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