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New Strategies and Techniques

Grassroots Leadership on Civic Participation

While the three components of the Memorandum on Transparency and Open Government are intertwined, it seems that there are specific constituencies that are better suited to take the lead in helping to implement positive change in each of these areas. The federal government can model the transparency and collaboration principles by testing and implementing new technologies, sharing best practices, and setting higher standards... more »


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Do-It-Yourself Government

Train skilled community organizers to strengthen our democracy.

Invest (and encourage others to invest) in community organizers to achieve greater “participation” and “collaboration” in government. This will increase transparency in government and strengthen our democracy. Investing in new technologies is important, but “Tools don't build houses. Carpenters build houses," explains Marshall Ganz, who has been credited as the architect of President Obama's field campaign. Who knows?... more »


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