Strategic Planning and Budgeting

Fully fund participation and collaboration activities

Agencies generally do not adequately plan for or budget to integrate public participation or collaborative processes into their programmatic work. To undertake small and large-scale public participation or collaborative efforts, agencies often have to re-program personnel and dollars or look to other program sources, effectively “robbing Peter to pay Paul.” Additionally, many public participation and collaborative efforts... more »


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Public-Private Partnerships

Level the playing field for innovators.

Let the merit of an idea or innovation be the primary reason for government support. Remove biases in funding opportunities that favor large institutions over small entities. Merge individual or small business innovation funding into the same pool enjoyed by corporations, universities, and national laboratories. In this way, we can revive the spirit of American ingenuity.


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Between Federal, State, and Local Governments

Tie federal grant money eligibility to basic open government standards

I think the Obama administration should come up with some basic standards for open government (full FOIA compliance, robust record keeping of all hearings and meetings conducted by government at state & local levels, default posting of all public records online in a reasonable period of time) and make meeting these standards a pre-condition for eligibility for federal funds. I live in Chicago and the city government... more »


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New Strategies and Techniques

Break down the barriers to Open Government positively, collaboratively, and proactively

Open government requires transformation – it must happen. However, the nature of government is to resist transformation. Therefore, the irresistible force of transformation WILL meet the immovable object of bureaucracy and resistance. If this collision is not anticipated and proactively addressed, the benefits of Open Government will be delayed, taxpayer money will be wasted, and high-profile failures will be used... more »


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