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Changes to elections / breaking the two party system

I've heard ideas of how to add additional parties to our system. Right now due to our laws people don't vote for folks outside of Dems or Repubs cause if they do the person they REALLY don't like will be elected. So, I heard a way where if the person you select doesn't get X % of the vote then you can vote for a backup candidate.


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Making Government Operations More Open

Von Brunn is Gon Crazy!

No matter how upset you are about politics, policies, or with other people, NO ONE HAS THE RIGHT TO START SHOOTING PEOPLE. America and the people that live here are CIVIL people that work their differences out in the courts, and not with guns or civil violence. 666obama.com is very much against civil violence of any form. We blog, we post, because we want to bring about change in a civil manner. If your are thinking like ...more »


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Public-Private Partnerships

Would you purchase a vehicle from Chrysler or GM now that the government owns it?

With Obama and the democrats taking over the private sector are you ok with this? Are you ok with Obama trying to push every private company out of business with trying to get European companies to buy American companies? Are you ok with the government telling the companies what kind of car to build and what kind of car we can drive? Are you ok with Obama telling people what they can make? Do you think this is the ...more »


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