Legal & Policy Challenges

Legalize Marijuana And Solve Many Tax Issues / Prison Issues

To legalize marijuana would mean an end to the billions of wasted dollars fighting this "war on drugs". A war, that anyone who grew up in America and went to public schools, saw first hand was lost. Imagine taxation on an herb that has many positive potentials. It can be used to make food, clothes, rope, and hell, even money. To make it illegal costs far more money and it cuts out many potential benefits from it's legalization.... more »


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Create a government-wide culture of transparency, collaboration, and participation

The heart of any large scale change like this Transparency and Open Government initiative is the culture of the organization or institution (my definition of culture is included below). To have any hope of sustaining the changes implemented through this initiative, the culture of the Federal government needs to undergo a transformation. Without changing the culture, only surface changes will occur and the system will... more »


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New Strategies and Techniques


We propose Community Weaving America! The mission is unique. We are weaving a new world one Good Neighbor at a time to...(the people engaged in Community Weaving complete the mission statement!) The time has come for people to be connected! Community Weaving creates an infrustructure in the grass roots comprised of people willing to be Good Neighbors who will serve as a support system. This system is needed in order to... more »


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