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Legal & Policy Challenges

Enact the Balanced Budget Veto Amendment

The Balanced Budget Veto Amendment is a proposed amendment to the United States Constitution put forth in a paper by Anthony Hawks published by the libertarian Cato Institute, with the intention of establishing a self-enforcing mechanism to reduce deficit spending.

The amendment gives the President line-item veto authority over spending for one year, if the prior year's budget is unbalanced.

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Public-Private Partnerships

The Tree of Obama

"You will know a tree by it's fruit." Matthew 7:16

The Obama Tree is a black Oak.

The leaves protect the tree from the light of truth.

The bark is hard and callus to prevent transparency.

The fruit is the ACORN, to reproduce itself again and again.

The roots of deception go deep into the American soil.

By David Craig Mastrianni
© 2009

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Making Government Operations More Open

American citizenship or being a citizen of Heaven

If you had a choice between being an American citizen or being a citizen of Heaven, which would you choose?

For our citizenship is in heaven, from which also we eagerly wait for a Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ; Philippians 3:20

I am choosing being a citizen of Heaven since Obama and his team is taking America straight to world citizenship, and then straight to hell.

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Making Data More Accessible

Real Time Federal Spending

Provide Updates to to include other metrics similar to SEC filings for businesses. Cash Flow statements, income and balance sheets, and a covenant agreement showing specifically how our debt load will not impede our ability to manage and operate the day to day operations of our country. It should also include projected expenditures referenced to line items in the budget. Every manner of chart, graph,... more »


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Strategic Planning and Budgeting

Lowering taxes and balancing the budget

During the Great Depression in Wörgl Austria a new monetary system was introduced. The economy started to do very well. Money circulated 14 times faster and tax income rose 1,300%. Because the money was backed by Austrian Schilling, this money had the same value. If tax income in the US rises 1,300%, there is room to end the income tax and lower all other kinds of taxes.

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Making Government Operations More Open

Accountable budgets or the bill is automatically repealed!

I would like to see a law enacted whereby all bills are subject to financial analysis by the government and private accounting firms whereby prior to consideration for a vote there will be a specific dollar amount per month it will cost each of the citizens of our Country. (Example the Stimulus Package, and Card Check, etc.) This would give a tangible amount that I and others could then decide if we would like to pay.... more »


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Strategic Planning and Budgeting

A Balanced Budget Ammendment

It seems clear after years of trying to tackle our ongoing deficit spending, that Congress has neither the will nor perhaps the desire to truly manage the people's money. While today is NOT the time balance the budget by increasing revenues and cutting services, it IS the time to plan for that day. Politically, the populace is nervous about the debt, the Republicans (disingenuously) rant about "liberal spending," and... more »


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