Making Government Operations More Open

Transparency in Government Bureaucracy Pay, Benefits, Perks & Pensions

As the employers of everyone working in Government, we deserve to know what we are getting for our dollars. For instance, how much are Government officials making in salary, benefits, perks & pensions? At a time when millions of Americans are losing the above, wouldn't it be enlightening to see a readout on how much a Senator is making when he or she is on TV? So often, elected officials present themselves as being... more »


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Cap Congress

I propose a bill titled the "Congress Citizen ACT" which would give Congress the same benefits as the American citizens. -Limit to 2 terms -No lifetime pension or a pension of 50k a year standard across the board. Currently 2-3 times more generous than Corporate pensions. -Same health insurance as the rest of the American public. Pay for your own, not with taxpayer money. -Salary cap at 50k a year. Current Salary is... more »


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