Strategic Planning and Budgeting

End The War in Iraq and Afghanistan in 2009. GET US OUT.

These wars are a waste of taxpayer's money and a waste of soldier's lives. Let those countries figure out solutions to their own problems. We can not afford to fight over there. Let's use our limited resources to fix problems at home. For Example: We could employ soldiers as school teacher assistants. During Peacetime, there are not many tasks to occupy a soldier's time. They could be kept busy by teaching practical math... more »


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Legal & Policy Challenges

We Must Support Our Troops, Now

Our troops in Afghanistan are attacked, daily, with bullets, bombs and weapons too often bought with American Dollars. Every dollar our Citizens spend on Heroin and Opium sold by Osama ben Laden goes to destroy the mind of an American, here and now, and, later, the money is used to pay for bullets that kill our soldiers. We must stop supporting the enemy that is killing our soldiers! Drug dealers supplied by ben Laden... more »


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Public-Private Partnerships

The Tree of Obama

"You will know a tree by it's fruit." Matthew 7:16 The Obama Tree is a black Oak. The leaves protect the tree from the light of truth. The bark is hard and callus to prevent transparency. The fruit is the ACORN, to reproduce itself again and again. The roots of deception go deep into the American soil. By David Craig Mastrianni © 2009 Toalterorabolish.com Please help me report any copying of the... more »


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Making Government Operations More Open

American citizenship or being a citizen of Heaven

If you had a choice between being an American citizen or being a citizen of Heaven, which would you choose? For our citizenship is in heaven, from which also we eagerly wait for a Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ; Philippians 3:20 I am choosing being a citizen of Heaven since Obama and his team is taking America straight to world citizenship, and then straight to hell. Citizen of Heaven = Thumbs up Citizen of America... more »


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US death toll in Iraq and Afghanistan

What are the latest US military death toll numbers since Obama has become president? From what I've heard lately on the news, terrorist attacks against US troops, and Iraqi and Afghani civilians have increased significantly. Yet we never get a body count from the state controlled media like we did when Bush was president. Why not? Is it different now that Obama is president? Does the news media think it will make Obama... more »


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