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Making Government Operations More Open

Truth and Transparency are not part time values Obama-Man up !!!

He was born a British subject per his own admission !


See his in his own words. . Scroll all the way down to the bottom. It's right there. While I WOULD like to see the Birth Certificate, it's irrelevant since his father was not a US Citizen.


It's Mr. Obama NOT Potus til you prove you eligible!


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Making Data More Accessible

Transparency Haaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!! Welcome to Russian Censorship in America

Funny how the most important topic that We The People brought to light was unceremoniously censored! We will find every way we can imagine to let every American citizen know that the sitting president is a Usurper and is Not a Natural Born Citizen, and has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to keep his documents secret.


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