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New Strategies and Techniques

Syndicate government information

The administration should syndicate government information for the public. Personalized, customized, or syndicated Web content extends government information’s reach, usability, and timeliness. Web managers should encourage creative reuse and customized tracking of government data through systems such as application programming interfaces, RSS or Atom feeds, syndicated search results, e-mail notifications, and similar... more »


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Records Management

Stop the Commercialization of Personal Data Held By Government Agencies

People are required to provide information to the government for lots of purposes – to pay taxes, to obtain licenses, to receive benefits. The personal information that we all provide to the government should not be commercialized or data-mined. Also, our interests in government programs should not be turned over to advertisers without our consent.

EPIC recommends the use of new technology to promote the efficiency... more »


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New Strategies and Techniques

Citizen’s Deliberation on Critical Issues

Purpose --To facilitate the emergence of an inclusive, legitimate, informed, coherent and trustworthy voice of We the People

When the Framers of our Constitution met in Philadelphia in 1787, digital media, modern psychology, social psychology, and ecological and systems science did not exist. The deliberative democracy today means integrating the best of face-to-face social collaboration technologies with... more »


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Federal Advisory Committees

Reopen the Office of Technology Assessment

The Office of Technology Assessment was a respected nonpartisan office whose job was supplying information to congress about upcoming technological possibilities including both opportunities and risk. It was defunded in the 1980's. Arguably the role a new and enhanced OTA would serve is more important than ever. A new OTA would help serve as an important mediator of information to congress and to the publc and improve... more »


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Nuclear rockets

Back in the 1960s NASA experimented with the idea rocket engines powered by a nuclear reactor. The original prototype was crude and would have emitted radioactive material into the air, but the basic idea was sound -- using the energy of nuclear fission to heat your propellant instead of using chemical combustion.

The original prototype was based on a conventional reactor with a core of plutonium. Such solid-core reactors... more »


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Strategic Planning and Budgeting

More technology in high schools

I think the federal government needs to spend more on technology in the classroom. Technology is THE way not just to a greener future (less paper waste) but efficiency and real accountability. On another note, I think google can help the government and the education sector much more effectively than microsoft has been able to with their Outlook Exchange servers.


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