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Legal & Policy Challenges

Supreme Court Needs to Hear more Cases

The Supreme Court of the United States will hear only 150 cases this year. In 1970 the Supreme Court heard 250 cases. Society has not gotten any simpler in the last 40 years. Challenges to our personal and legal rights have increased substantially and gotten much more complicated. Don't we deserve full time work for full time pay from the people who adjudicate the most important legal decisions in the United States: the... more »


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Do-It-Yourself Government

Supreme Court just handed down Opinion on Redding. No punishment for Strip Search.

Strip search your 13 year old children in the public schools.


So, another weasel moment by our supreme court.


Here's what they said.


Yes, that was wrong to strip search a 13 year old, make her pull her undergarments away from her body. But, who cares. We hadn't clearly told you not to, so we won't punish you for doing it.


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