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New Strategies and Techniques

Make Social Security Taxes More Progressive, Create Livable Pensions

Social Security payments are the most regressive taxes we have, costing poorer people more money than other taxes (and were increased and made worse by Reagan to subsidize his tax breaks for the wealthy).

While these taxes have so far always been equally shared by employers and employees, even FDR (President Roosevelt) had wanted Social Security to be less burdensome for employees.

There are a variety of methods... more »


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Social Security problems

Why do we continue to pour money into this bankrupt system that will be insolvent before long? Allow the American people to take a portion of what they "contribute" every paycheck, and use it for their own retirement fund. Do this gradually so that the people who currently have nothing but social security are not left holding the bag, and so those who are not there yet will rely on it less when they do retire.


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Between Federal, State, and Local Governments

Social Security Disability Evaluation

Have everybody who is on disability re-evaluated each year..I know of kids who are suppose to be learning disabled ,but they are not, and just what is it that an infant is disabled from? Disability should have remained for Workers who could no longer work. We have illegal aliens who have children , right here in my community who claim their kids are learning disabled, and they get checks, 3 in one family 5 in another..... more »


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Legal & Policy Challenges

Make Social Security optional.

Take care of current recipients and those who depend on it, allow anyone who wants to to opt out and keep their money in lieu of receiving benefits in the future.

Let's see how popular SS really is.

Social Security, Medicare & Medicaid will bankrupt us if we do nothing. As it is, Social Security hinders people from saving and investing their own money and it severs the ties between generations. It used to be that children... more »


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