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When voting for or against an idea say why and offer your idea how to fix the problem. Stop and think about the ideas and what thay mean. Some people think government can not do any thing right, others think the private secter can not do anything right, both are wrong it is people that mess up and people that get it right, some people always mess up some people always get it right, most people get it right sometimes and... more »


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Public-Private Partnerships

National Idea Bank (proposed by Florida not me)

This is what we really need - an idea bank that the government can draw inspiration from. A bill to create one was passed in the Florida House but didn't make it through the Senate. Since we're talking about a National Idea Bank it seems like the U.S. government should really be the entity that supports the idea.


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Making Government Operations More Open

Funding New Ideas Pilots

There are hundreds of good ideas!
In industry all good ideas are tested through the R&D process, i.e.: designed, prototyped, the bugs are ironed out, piloted, and so on. In a pilot test, a project is implemented on a small scale and tightly defined geographical location, and run for a time to study how it works, make changes during pilot, and eventually have a final implementation plan, or closed as unworkable.
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