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New Strategies and Techniques

Empower a Transition Taskforce

Creating an Economic and Political Taskforce

A useful project for AmeriCorps citizens to work on together (I wholeheartedly support the call for meaningful work projects, not just offering stories and sharing views) is creating an economic and political transition taskforce.

Mission of the Transition Taskforce:
#1 Close Failed Banks and Investment Firms

The mission of the transition taskforce will first be to oversee... more »


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Legal & Policy Challenges

Natural money: the most efficient monetary system


Natural money was the result of the discovery of the most efficient monetary system. Natural money will create an economy with constant economic growth at maximum potential that will destroy all other monetary systems in competition. Therefore the natural money monetary system will become the dominant monetary system in the world at some point in the future. Natural money has the following features:
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Stop interfering with the economy!

Einhorn: Obama Blowing Up Another Bubble

Monday, June 8, 2009 11:39 AM

By: Julie Crawshaw Article Font Size

The Obama administration is using the same naive playbook the Bush administration used, says Greenlight Capital fund manager David Einhorn.

"The basic strategy appears to be to try to bring us back to 2006 by propping up asset prices and re-inflating the popped credit bubble while hoping for an economic... more »


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Making the economy sustainable with little government intervention

When interest on money is charged, money in the future is worth less than money now. This has a major impact on investment choices. Interest promotes investments that are unsustainable and wasteful. If no interest was charged, sustainable investments would be more attractive.

For example: you want to build a house and you have the choice between a house of €100,000 with a yearly energy cost of €5,000 or a house of... more »


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