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reform Medical System in USA

US medical system is 48th in the world, even though US still remains #1 economically. Can you point out any other developed nation treating medicine & hospitals as business?


It is time to stop the "business" of pharmaceutical companies & insurance companies. You are never safe with the "medical insurance". When you need it, the insurance company is sure to reject your claim. But they will go un-noticed, because the person, without medical attention wont be able to fight.


Free medicine like in Canada is what we want.

Do you know that the exact same medicine cost 1/60 of the price in Cuba?

Means we are paying 60 times more price for any medicine in USA.


It is NOT "medical" insurance for everyone that we need. It is "treatment" for everyone that we need.


It is not "affordable medical" that we need. It is "affordable treatment".


Keeping the "insurance" in the middle, always allow extremely huge prices for medicine, and rejection of insurance leading to injustice to citizens.


When the government talks about "affordable healthcare" what they really mean is "affordable insurance". This has to change. Affordable health care means, removal of Insurance, and "government subsidized health care".



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