Performance Appraisal

performance measures

What performance measures are necessary to determine the effectiveness of open government policies?

o How do businesses determine the effectiveness of their policies? Increased sales. Improved market share. BBB reports. Stockholder satisfaction evidenced by stock purchases. When we have to beg for money to fund our bad financial policies, it is pretty obvious that we are not doing it right.

o GDP increases without government intervention. If the government is to be effective it must know it’s role. Government intervention in business operations will hinder a true evaluation of our effectiveness as a country

o Decrease in government welfare dollars spent Number of people removed from the entitlement dole and entering self sufficiency. Government was never intended to be the provider of charity. Separation of church and state has been trespassed with government takeover of the church role of assuring the welfare and progress of it’s congregation.

o Import/export ratios. Not subsidized by government which would not represent true competition



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