Between Federal Agencies

define national security and how it relates to public interest

i appreciate our armed forces for protecting me for so many years but for the life of me i dont understand what we are being protected from nowdays in todays climate,creating openness and transparancy to me does not say lets build fences to keep people out it means lets build bridges so that people have a better sence of how flow can change socity ,keeping that flow going is difficult but essential , so to break terms up and clarify meanings so that people can apply this to there lives and be more prosperous, missmanangement of monies to areas that are so out of control need more address, roles need to be clarified ,more action needs to happen in areas that people are confused about and i believe we spend to much monies on defining out national interest , and not enough of it is directed at improving our common ground as a race of people who strive for peace proserity and happiness!!!!!



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