Public-Private Partnerships

community service jobs for the unemployed

All the unemployed people who are getting paid through unemployment insurance must participate in something like a WPA or CCC program in their nearby cities/communities for at least 8 hours a week. and if they work hard enough, their unemployment will be extended, if not - sorry. Jobs could be supervised by those unemployed that have leadership skills and some re-training could be done too. Those with construction skills could repair and renew neighborhoods, those with child care skills could help care for the children of the more physical workers. It would be a huge force of community workers restoring America - fixing parks, filling in for companies that have had to lay off workers, making cities cleaner and more attractive. Most of the folks I know who have been unemployed would love to do something more productive than checking in once a week at the unemployment office - this could make a huge difference, especially in crumbling cities. And it would be a partially volunteer work force of over 8 million people working on projects that directly help people.



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