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Your eligibility to be POTUS must be proven once and for all

It seems that this issue will not die until you give valid proof of your birth. Your efforts thus far have proven laughable. Your imps did not think it through when they produced a laser printed document that did not exist when you were born. Additionally, it seems that you have gone to extreme measures (spending hundreds of thousands of dollars)to stop lawsuits that have formed to press this issue. If I were asked to produce my college records and birth certificates, I could get certifide copies of all of them for about $45 total. What's the problem Obama (I can't call you president until you prove your eligibility), what are you hiding? If you are not a citizen, then be a man, say that you lied, and step down. If you are a citizen, then prove it. Also, do this yourself. Don't leave it to your ridiculous press secretary to handle.

Why Is This Idea Important?

Because as it stands, Mr. Obama is not eligible to serve as POTUS.



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